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Made in Maine, since 1983

Wool Blankets

Recent Reviews
Oct 18, 2017
Review by Debbie V-S
This is the fourth blanket I have purchased but alas, this is a wedding gift for my niece. I know she will become a repeat customer, as she had admired the Brahms Mount blanket on my bed!!
May 21, 2017
Review by Michael Godard
I ordered this blanket after buying a red herringbone wool blanket made by brahms mount a few years ago. After emailing back and forth I decided this blanket would compliment the other one. Upon recei...
Apr 25, 2016
Review by Janet
I now have 4 of these blankets! I started out with one on our bed. It stays on year round, under our quilt in the winter, and under a light bedspread in the summer. Machine washes beautifully, and I d...
Jan 25, 2016
Review by Judith Freed
This is well woven and very large. I have it on a Queen size and it covers completely with generous tuck-in, fold over and drop. In spite of it being an Irregular I found no flaws. I love that it i...
Jan 8, 2016
Review by Tom Farrell
We were looking for winter warmth without much weight and did not wish to use down. This washable wool blanket proved to be the answer. We keep our bedroom temp below 68 degrees and when the outside t...
Oct 23, 2015
Review by Seymour Beder
This is just what we wanted, a perfect replacement for the John Atkinson & Sons merino wool blanket we bought over 25 years ago. How wonderful to find it done so beautifully here in the U.S.A. W...
Mar 2, 2015
Review by Noel
Great blanket...bought the merino broadcloth... but need more color options...would like something in a moss green.
Mar 2, 2015
Review by Alfredo A. Sandoval
Accomplished much research on blankets and weavers before I purchased this wonderful blanket. Spoke with the Brahms mount owner about the company, their products and weaving equipment and process and ...
Jan 13, 2015
Review by Christopher Christuk
My wife wanted a lightweight yet warm blanket for our bed, and this blanket is the perfect combination. We are also proud to purchase a product made in America.
Nov 17, 2014
Review by Jerry
We bought the navy blue merino wool blanket and we like it very much. It is well made, attractive, lightweight and warm. It feels right to buy American products and it is easy to do so when they are...
May 20, 2014
Review by William
This is a beautiful, elegant blanket. At first, I was reluctant because of the price. It is well worth the money. I prefer to purchase goods made in the USA, so the fact that it was made right here ...
Nov 13, 2013
Review by Margaret Thompson
I purchased a herringbone, merino wool, washable blanket. It is amazing, light weight yet warm. I live in Northern New Mexico where the nights get very cold in the winter, this blanket is perfect, i...
Jun 21, 2013
Review by Katie
I bought my Merino/Lambswool Herringbone twin hazelnut on sale and am totally in love with it! It's a purchase that I'll forever be happy with.
I really hesitated for awhile before buying it because ...
Jun 15, 2013
Review by Ann
I own many Brahm's blankets. Everyone is special but I am especially happy with the merino wool four season. they are pricey but oh, so worth it.
Nov 27, 2012
Review by Robin
Even at clearance price this blanket was a huge extravagance...but it is THE best blanket I've ever owned. Hard to believe how warm it is considering it feels nearly weightless, and the quality is so ...
Nov 15, 2012
Review by Hugo Saurny
I'm almost a connoisseur of wool blankets, since wool does not itch my skin and I like to sleep directly under the blanket without a top sheet. This time, I wanted an intermediate season blanket, not ...
Oct 18, 2012
Review by Catherine D Donovan
Purchased 2 wool blankets and I love both, they are beautifully made, warm and great to look at. Just what I hoped they would be.
Aug 19, 2012
Review by Deb Longley
We purchased this item at a discount because of a flaw in the weave. Although when we received the blanket, the flaw was a little more serious than what I had expected, the blanket is wonderful. Not o...
May 18, 2012
Review by Pamela
I live in a very drafty apartment in a 60's high rise; it gets really cold in the winter. (I know, I know, it's not as cold as Maine, still...) I was seriously considering moving and giving up my fabu...
Apr 29, 2012
Review by Carl
I received an item on clearance the was either arrived damage or damaged after one wash. They tried repairing it and when they couldn't do so sent a new one. This is what customer service everywhere s...

The classic, all-American wool blanket. Made in Maine of lightweight, itch-free, machine-washable merino lambswool.


Modern comfort. Maine tradition.

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