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Mar 2, 2018
Review by Sandra
I have several blankets and throws from Brahms Mount, and the feel, look and quality are so far above any other brand. The blankets are very generous in size. They actually hang over the mattress, b...
May 26, 2017
Review by Diane R.
I have one other solid blanket and one linen throw from Brahms Mount both in solid colors. I debated about a print but found it is understated and subtle enough it goes well with any bedding and sham...
Mar 30, 2017
Review by Christie
I'd been eyeing this blanket for months, and am so glad I finally purchased it, it is amazing! Even my husband, who normally couldn't care less about linens and didn't understand why I'd spend that mu...
Dec 15, 2015
Review by Nancy
Whoever said, "Money can't buy you happiness," never bought a Brahms Mount! This blanket makes me so happy. The look, the feel, the quality—a wonderful treasure. Save up and treat yourself r...
Jan 6, 2015
Review by Trisha
My husband surprised me for my birthday-- I LOVE this new blanket! So light, yet so warm! I can't stop telling everyone I know about how great it is.
Nov 18, 2014
Review by Arden, Richmond, VA
There are blankets and then there are BLANKETS!! I absolutely love this blanket, and would highly recommend this to anyone who is considering ordering it!

May 2, 2014
Review by Shelly
I bought a queen size blanket a few years ago, it was one of the first blankets I purchased from Brahms Mount. It is as lovely now as when I first bought it. It washes well and is so very soft. True q...
Nov 7, 2012
Review by Shelly
Spectacular ! I purchased a queen size blanket a few years ago and love it. At that time we lives in Houston, Texas. We relocated to Stavanger, Norway and it works so well that I bought blankets for a...
Aug 19, 2012
Review by Carol McMurry
I love these blankets. I own two of them.
Jun 17, 2012
Review by peter
The blanket is nice but I wasn't expecting a visible knot on the underside. 383 dollars is a lot for a blanket. I believe you should do a better job of hiding the knot or let the consumer know what to...

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