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4 Lightweight Blankets for the Summertime

If you're a fan of blankets on the bed any time of year, you know that summertime can be a challenge for staying cool. Never fear, we know of 5 lightweight blankets that will be great for any time of year.

1. Linen Flat Weave Blanket


Cool on hot humid nights, this heirloom-quality blanket is the perfect addition to your bed in this summer. Machine washable, you'll never have to worry about dry cleaning this linen textile. You'll find that, in addition to its classic look, the linen flat weave blanket only improves over time in its texture.

Click here to learn more about the Linen Flat Weave Blanket.

2. Cotton/Linen Tweed Blanket


Our cotton/linen tweed blanket mixes two styles: the classic with the contemporary. Also machine washable, the linen/cotton blend will keep you cool all summer long with the natural breathability of linen. Also machine washable, you have the perfect marriage between the cotton you love and the linen to keep you cool.

Click here to learn more about the Cotton/Linen Tweed Blanket.

3. Lino Leno Chevron Blanket


Not only naturally antimicrobial, the lino leno chevron blanket is yet another cool summertime favorite. Lightweight and cooling, this luxurious linen blanket comes complete with a sophisticated and understated take on chevron. This modern and natural textile will go nicely in any room decor.

Click here to learn more about the Lino Leno Chevron Blanket.

4. Chambray Linen Blanket


The chambray linen blanket will keep you cool just as the others will, with one added benefit: it will be a colorful addition to your bedroom. This pure linen blanket is machine washable and will gain more character and softness over time, just as the linen flat weave blanket will.

Click here to learn more about the Chambray Linen Blanket.

By Brahms Mount

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