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"I've got both the 100% linen queen-size blanket and the personal day blanket. They are incredible! Sturdy, comfortable, warm in cold weather, cool in hot weather, elegant, artisanal, and with a wonderful weight. I stumbled upon their site and was able to get them on sale a couple of years ago; it's worth it to call the company for any news in this regard--they are a small company and treat you like family. These blankets have really improved my quality and enjoyment of life at home. All the folks who rave about the wonders of sleeping on linen sheets (and I use them and love them, too) ain't seen nuthin' yet--this is a whole 'nuther level. There's nothing else out there like these pure linen blankets; I'm so glad I got them--they've made me a Brahms Mount fan for life. Now I'm saving up for the linen towels and a blanket for my mom."

From member, kati.

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