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A large piece of woven material used as a covering for warmth, especially on a bed.

  • The lambswool blanket has changed my life. Really.

    I live in a very drafty apartment in a 60's high rise; it gets really cold in the winter.  (I know, I know, it's not as cold as Maine, still....)  I was seriously considering moving and giving up my fabulous treetop view, but now I don't have to. This (Lambswool) blanket is worth every penny.  It keeps me toasty warm and the hand of it is jus...

  • Summertime in Maine

    It's finally summer here in Maine. We've had a few days of rainy weather, but today we have blue skies, bright sun, and a warm breeze rich with the scent of the roses in our garden. From our front porch, I can see the Kennebec River flowing sluggishly through town.The change in weather has driven me to change all the bedding in my freshly-painte...

  • "Give Alpaca a Starring Role!"

    "I love alpaca and I have replaced all wool sweaters with alpaca for sweaters. However, the American public, in general, is not too aware of alpaca. Being Mexican I am well aware of that miracle fabric that is alpaca. I truly hope that you will give alpaca a starring role in future production  as it is such a lovely and wonderful fiber. However, i...

  • "How Lovely It Is..."

      Click to See Starry Nights Blanket   "We recently received our lovely 'Starry Night' blanket and wanted you to know how lovely it is.  We thank our daughter for introducing us to your lovely blankets.  We shall pass the word along!" From Mary of Connecticut Our Natural Starry Nights Blanket is 100% Undyed Cotton and available in fou...

  • Time to Rewind

    Who doesn't want to curl up with these pups on one of our 100% Linen Stripe Bankets?  Looks like they usurped the limited edition Alpaca/Cotton Ebbtide Day Blanket too! (See our latest limited edition Alpaca/Cotton Day Blanket, the Pharaoh) Photographer Kathy of Vermont once owned our blankets, before Ruby (left) and Scout (right) took over. ...

  • "Incredible...Sturdy...Comfortable...Elegant..."

    "I've got both the 100% linen queen-size blanket and the personal day blanket. They are incredible! Sturdy, comfortable, warm in cold weather, cool in hot weather, elegant, artisanal, and with a wonderful weight. I stumbled upon their site and was able to get them on sale a couple of years ago; it's worth it to call the company for any news in this...

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