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Brahms Mount officially opened its doors in 1983 and has had a fantastic run, colored by employees and community members current and past

  • Meet the Brahms Mount Crew: Claudia Brahms

    Our crew is an amazing collection of creative, quirky, and downright lovable people.  I will be able to showcase every one of my coworkers in due time, but let’s start appropriately at the beginning, in Claudia Brahms’ head. Claudia Brahms Name: Claudia Brahms Position: Co-founder, Creative Designer Working Since: the very beginning! Off Hour...

  • Hallowell, Maine Part 1

    PART 1 We have to share an excerpt written by local Hallowell historian Sumner Webber: “In 1826, the ice industry began in earnest, employing thousands over the next 75 years. Frozen blocks loaded onto Hallowell's schooners travelled as far as Cuba and the West Indies.” Ice on the Kennebec We share this because of the ridiculous weather we’...

  • Hallowell, Maine Part 2

    PART 2 Many people ask about our little town.  Since we’ve begun in 1983, we’ve been welcomed into Hallowell as part of its charm and artistic focus.  Located south of Maine’s capital of Augusta, it’s a bit of a surprise for visitors—used to the sights of Maine’s famous coast—to find such a historic and welcoming neighborhood in the...

  • Welcome to the Brahms Mount Blog

    Maine's textile tradition stretches back to the 1800s, when almost every family spun fine yarn from local flax and wool, as well as from imported cotton. To fulfill rapidly growing demand, mills sprang up along major rivers. Maine textiles became world-renowned. Generations thrived. Building upon the strength of this tradition, Claudia Brahms an...

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