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Oct 17, 2017
Review by jessica
beautiful craftsmanship and softness~ very well made~and the natural fiber is wonderful~
Jul 31, 2017
Review by Susan Ackerman
Just what I need over the shoulders to protect me from the air conditioning. The last throw I purchased is still going strong a decade later. Last summer I had to use it to cover a sofa and it sti...
Jul 10, 2017
Review by JBC
The feel of this throw is so soft with a great lightness but also significant feel to the weave and thickness. It almost feels stretchy. The ombre is gorgeous. Highly, highly recommend.
Jul 6, 2017
Review by Charlene Glenn
I love my ombré throw. It is so soft and not super heavy. The perfect size and color is wonderful.
Jun 26, 2017
Review by Monica
There is something magical about the fabric. Hard to put into words. Maybe it's love :-) You just have to experience it. It is cool and breathable, enough coverage for summer nights. Over the years I...
Jun 2, 2017
Review by Abby
Got this for the foot of our bed, and to use for cool nights. Wonderfully soft, light weight warmth. Got the natural/oak color. A handsome blanket even a guy would love.
Jun 2, 2017
Review by June Twinam
I have bought several throws/day blankets for family members in the past... and have been well used and enjoyed. I recently had knee replacement surgery and decided to buy a throw/day blanket for myse...
Jun 1, 2017
Review by Michelle Y
This is my 9th throw blanket from Brahms's Mount and I think it's my favorite. I purchased the blue and it's beautiful. It has superb quality in construction, is the perfect size ( I won't buy a throw...
May 25, 2017
Review by Karen
I'm back again to tell you about 2 more beautiful throws I bought. They are fabulous! I got the cotton throw with fringe in white and corn silk for my sister-in-law, and the cotton/linen blend in Napl...
May 25, 2017
Review by Kristen
Really appreciate the quality the goes into your blankets—beautiful fabrics and incredible craftsmanship. Truly unique and wonderful pieces, and so cozy. I look forward to enjoying them for many, many...
May 21, 2017
Review by Regine & Gary
We gave this blanket to our daughter and husband as a wedding present and they love it. The high quality and beautiful design make it a special gift for loved ones.

May 17, 2017
Review by Natalie
As a Canadian customer, this purchase was not inconsequential. Aside from the exchange rate, not so good these days, I paid a fifty dollar customs fee at the door. All of that aside, it is not a purch...
May 17, 2017
Review by Michelle Y
I have 10 throws from Brahms Mount so I know they are of the best quality around. I decided to try out this new throw but wasn't sure what to expect. I bought it in the blue and was extremely happy ...
May 6, 2017
Review by Karen
I bought two of these beautiful throws for my son and new daughter-in-law (His and Hers). They love them. I also have two of the cotton throws in Indigo and Natural. They are long enough, soft and lux...
Feb 22, 2017
Review by Dave in Seattle
I own several throws and blankets from your company and this is by far my favorite. I deal with serious chronic pain from a car accident years ago, so at night this helps keep me warm and comfortable...
Feb 17, 2017
Review by Brandy
I live in Texas but every summer take a family trip up to Maine and began buying Brahms Mount blankets. This is a throw I can keep out year round. It isn't crazy warm but just perfect enough to snug...
Jan 1, 2017
Review by Mary
I found Brahms Mount over a year ago looking for a good quality throw to give my sister and brother-in-law. I will admit to sticker shock at first and even some apprehension to the reviews, but they c...
Dec 16, 2016
Review by employee
It is like the technical fabrics that get you up mountains in cold temperatures or protect your neck on freezing days while riding your bike. This fabric is extremely warm for its weight.
Nov 30, 2016
Review by April Smith
Heard about Brahmsmount Blankets on a Chronicle Episode and was curious, went to website and I am now hooked. I bought at least 6 of these and have given them as gifts and have claimed some for my own...
Oct 5, 2016
Review by Lori
This is a beautiful blanket in lovely colors. The weight is perfect too.
Oct 5, 2016
Review by Sheila Pulver
I finally succumbed and bought this throw which I'd fallen in love over a year ago because this particular shade of blue was being discontinued so it was marked way down. The design is so intricate ...
Oct 5, 2016
Review by Bonnie Tracy
Yes, these linen/cotton blankets can be expensive but save up because these throws will last you a lifetime. I adore my throw. Use it constantly and it washes up beautifully. Thank you Brahms Mount
Oct 1, 2016
Review by Monica
Like others, I got "hooked" on Brahms Mount blankets. My husband and I bought our 1st Brahms Mount cotton blanket (Stonington) from another online shop. When it came, we instantly fell in lo...
Jul 7, 2016
Review by Deborah
The colors are perfect! The weight is perfect! The blanket is perfect! This is my favorite Brahms Mount blanket so far. I have 2 throws I use for yoga in addition to covers. But this cotton/linen day ...
Jun 14, 2016
If you want a wispy little cloud of a square to provide a bit of warmth at the first chill, get something else. But if your heart's desire is a substantial hunk of material that will be up to the cha...
Jun 14, 2016
Review by Sofaria
I purchased Truffle (for a gift) and Naples (for myself). These are fabulous blankets and I love that they are hand-crafted in USA.
May 25, 2016
Review by Kathy F
I have purchased two Brahms Mount blankets in the past and loved them.
I'm a napper and I have been looking for the perfect throw for my bed. This throw is soft, large enough to cover me and works fo...
May 23, 2016
Review by Melissa
I have purchased two irregular linen blanket/throws, one a queen in indigo, and this day blanket. The queen had a stripe of irregularly dyed yarns running across in one place. So, yes, it's an oops bu...
May 23, 2016
Review by Deborah
I have several Brahms Mount throws. This one is my favorite. The colors are perfect. It is lightweight. It is long enough to cover up totally. I feel like a kid with her "blankie".
Apr 25, 2016
Review by Jane
I purchased this for our beach house. Perfect on the couch and in the gazebo for cool mornings. Love the comfortable cotton throws!i have purchased several and the baby blanket is the best purchase!
Apr 22, 2016
Review by Janet
I bought this to use as a throw, but I also use it as a light napping blanket. I love the decorative stitching and the nice, tight weave, as well as the soft white color and the luxury of alpaca. It s...
Apr 22, 2016
Review by Susan Bingham Mickey
This lovely throw covers my shoulders for early morning meditation and waits on the arm of the favorite chair beautifully. After owning a BM linen blanket for my bed, there was no other place to look ...
Mar 16, 2016
Review by Joe
I'm so happy I spent the extra money for this blanket! It's long enough to cover me from head to toes and so beautiful!!
Mar 16, 2016
Review by Kim
My husband and I purchased 2 throws for our beach house and love them. We love linen! They are just getting softer and cozier with use. Our daughter fell in love with them and asked for one for the...
Feb 19, 2016
Review by Sarah
Wonderful!!! Very modern in design. Lightweight but warm. Soft in touch!
Jan 30, 2016
Review by Pat-Lovettsville, Virginia
I purchased the Heather Fair Isle Throw because of the beautiful stitched design. The throw is generous in size and the wool is extremely soft. I have purchased many throws and blankets from Brahms...
Jan 28, 2016
Review by Lindsay
I purchased this as a gift for my Mother who grew up in Hallowell. She loved it for all the sentimental reasons but it is truly a handsome blanket. High quality, true to color and softer than I had...
Jan 26, 2016
Review by Jean C.
Once you experience the feel and comfort of Brahms Mount linen, you will not want to try anything else. We have several of their products and have been very satisfied with all of them. Rather than a...
Jan 26, 2016
Review by Nancy
This exquisite throw exceeds expectations. The wool is soft enough for a baby. The weave is fine and tight so no worries about snags or pulled loops. The pattern is simple, elegant and has a modern...
Jan 25, 2016
Review by Laura Short
I have purchased several blankets and towels from Brahms Mount over the years. After discovering the blankets at MOFGA and purchasing my first, I was sold! Brahms Mount provides exceptional quality,...

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