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Linen Throws

Recent Reviews
Oct 17, 2017
Review by jessica
beautiful craftsmanship and softness~ very well made~and the natural fiber is wonderful~
Jul 31, 2017
Review by Susan Ackerman
Just what I need over the shoulders to protect me from the air conditioning. The last throw I purchased is still going strong a decade later. Last summer I had to use it to cover a sofa and it sti...
Jun 26, 2017
Review by Monica
There is something magical about the fabric. Hard to put into words. Maybe it's love :-) You just have to experience it. It is cool and breathable, enough coverage for summer nights. Over the years I...
May 23, 2016
Review by Melissa
I have purchased two irregular linen blanket/throws, one a queen in indigo, and this day blanket. The queen had a stripe of irregularly dyed yarns running across in one place. So, yes, it's an oops bu...
Mar 16, 2016
Review by Kim
My husband and I purchased 2 throws for our beach house and love them. We love linen! They are just getting softer and cozier with use. Our daughter fell in love with them and asked for one for the...
Jan 26, 2016
Review by Jean C.
Once you experience the feel and comfort of Brahms Mount linen, you will not want to try anything else. We have several of their products and have been very satisfied with all of them. Rather than a...
Jun 15, 2015
Review by Patricia
This is by far the most wonderful throw we have ever purchased. We purchased one for each of us for home theater, reading, or just relaxing. The beautifully woven linen fibers feel so good on the sk...
Nov 18, 2013
Review by Tom Gameson
My wife and I were visiting Freeport whilst on holidays last summer and decided to take a look in at the Brahms Mount shop. Inside, we found the shop to be full of real quality textiles (reminiscent ...
Nov 12, 2013
Review by Linda
I loved my plain weave linen throw so much, I bought a second, the Leno stripe throw. The open work stripe details at the edges are very pretty, and this throw is just as light, breathable, and cozy a...
Nov 12, 2013
Review by Linda
The perfect throw--light weight and incredibly breathable. During the summer, it was heavenly paired with linen sheets. It gets softer and softer with washing, and is attractive enough for the living ...
Jun 14, 2013
Review by Diane
It feels wonderful and the bronze color is beautiful--deep and vibrant. I am using this on my bed on top of of my Brahms Mount cotton/linen blanket. It is another layer of color with a wonderful feel....
Apr 18, 2013
Review by Susan
I own a King Size Natural Linen blanket and a Queen, for years. Until you have one, experience what they feel like on top of a top sheet, you won't know. They are the most snuggling, luxurious blanket...
Apr 18, 2013
Review by Diane Fujimura
We experienced unusually cool weather this year through almost mid-April. Low, low 60s in the mornings! brrrrrrr! I ordered TWO linen throws, mandarin! They kept me and my husband warm and comfy the e...
Feb 17, 2013
Review by Shelley Mintz
Major surgery a month ago. Treated myself to this diamond w/open weave borders linen throw just in time for my return from the hospital: am sure its feel and beauty on the bed has speeded my recovery!...
Feb 17, 2013
Review by Catherine Nickerson
My island home is drafty and this linen day blanket is comfortable and keeps the draft off of my shoulders. It feels wonderful against skin with no scratchy fibers, only soft smooth luxury of 100% lin...
Jan 16, 2013
Review by Anne Kelley
I have enjoyed this throw very much. I run hot so this throw is exactly the right weight.
Not too hot and not too cold.
Jan 15, 2013
Review by Dianna Day
This is my 2nd linen day blanket. I love's much bigger than I was natural and the other natural with the boarder. Been looking at them for a long, long time and finally made the s...
Jul 12, 2012
Review by Ann
I just received my day blanket - white with natural stripe. It is just so beautiful, visually and just the feel of it. Clearly a gorgeous piece of work, and functional art. The weaving is beautiful, t...

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