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Recent Reviews
May 13, 2020
Review by Dr Rita Kirk
So many of us have lost the art of handmade items that used to be given to children upon their birth and kept for a lifetime. What a wonderful find in Brahms Mount. I loved giving it as much as the n...
May 13, 2020
Review by Dr Rita Kirk
So many of us have lost the art of handmade items that used to be given to children upon their birth and kept for a lifetime. What a wonderful find in Brahms Mount. I loved giving it as much as the n...
May 16, 2018
Review by Virginia
This used to be starry nights -- not sure why the name change -- but the blanket is a gift that will last for generations with care. It is made in the United States. I have this same pattern on my be...
Mar 26, 2018
Review by LMW
It was adored by new parents. I could not have found a better gift. Thank you.
Mar 13, 2018
Review by Gail M
When my daughter announced she was having a girl, I wanted to buy her first blanket! The quality of Brahms Mount baby blankets can’t be matched, and it’s made in America! It’s beautiful!
May 23, 2017
Review by Jeff
I have had his blanket since I was a baby, and even got a new one several years later when I had used it so much that it actually got a bit worn down. It's super soft and comforting and I highly recom...
Oct 5, 2016
Review by AnnaMarie
This was my daughter's favorite baby blanket and is now my favorite baby gift. The colors are lovely and it gets softer with each washing.
Jun 14, 2016
Review by Lillian
Needing a gift for a baby shower, my first thought was the Brahms Mount hopscotch baby blanket. It couldn't be prettier, softer or more cheerful. I have the same blanket, used by my sons, in beautif...
May 20, 2016
Review by Teen roberts
My daughter received this blanket when she was her baby will have one too. Memories!
Jan 8, 2016
I had three girls that would for me during high school go on to college get married and I kept in touch with them. They are all married and expecting their first child I wanted to give them something...
Jul 21, 2015
Review by Sam
I've slept with this blanket for 17 years and it has held up surprisingly well. I love this thing and am buying a replacement. I have wonderful memories with it and would recommend it to anyone.
Jun 15, 2015
Review by Nancy
The price has risen over the years, but I continue to purchase this blanket whenever someone dear to me is expecting a baby. They never fail to tell me it is their favorite baby blanket, and that they...
May 22, 2015
Review by Donna Burnell
I gave this baby blanket to a neighbors daughter because she is married to Navy Service member. She is now living in Washington State and I wanted her to have something made in Maine. It is perfect...
Apr 23, 2015
Review by Nora
My daughter got this as gift when she was born and she can't sleep without it. Now I Need to get one for my son. He needs the best too.
Oct 22, 2014
Review by Jon
I never saw the blanket. It arrived when I was out of town and my wife wrapped it and sent it as a gift to our friends for their newborn baby boy. But I have no doubt it is the best baby blanket in ...
Jun 12, 2014
Review by Dave
This was bought as a gift for friends having their first girl (second child- first US born, though). The couple and the child love it. It's similar to the other blankets that Brahms Mount makes and i...
May 14, 2014
Review by Tammey
My sons, now 25 years old and 22 years old, have their Brahms Mount baby blankets tucked away after years of sweet service. And these blankets still look and feel wonderful. This blanket is now my fav...
Nov 13, 2013
Review by Germaine and Tom Riordan
a long history of exceptional products, but recently I learned that their customer service is just as exceptional. My husband and I must have ordered a dozen baby blankets over the years as gifts for...
Nov 12, 2013
Review by Kevin
Got this for my best friends first baby. Couldn't be any more pleased, and best of all it is made in the USA, more specifically the best state in the USA, Maine!
Aug 25, 2013
Review by HM
I have had this blanket since I was an infant, and I am delighted to share that it is still going strong 17 years later! A fantastic product and I can happily report that I will be buying these for my...
Apr 20, 2013
Review by Christine
I bought the Hopscotch blanket for my own baby who is now 22! It was the softest thing I'd ever felt and wore extremely well, so we just bought one for our niece who's having her first. It is not as s...
Nov 16, 2012
Review by Anne Rodgers
I do not have enough accolades for your Hopscotch baby blanket -- five stars are not sufficient. I have been giving this blanket as a baby-shower gift for decades. I recently got a note from some frie...
Aug 28, 2012
Review by Michelle
I gave my friend the checkmate baby blanket for her newborn and she loves it. I was so excited to give her such a thoughtful gift that was made with love and that will be in her family for a very long...
Aug 19, 2012
Review by Paul Tremel
I purchased the blanket for our first grand child who is due mid-October. I was excited to find a made in USA 100% organic cotton blanket. However, when the blanket arrived we were blown away by its q...
Jun 17, 2012
Review by Ann Steadman
This is the third or fourth baby blanket I have ordered and given as a gift. I always order the Starry Nights as it's gender- and decor-neutral, esp for any parents who prefer to avoid pink or blue. T...

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