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Aug 27, 2019
Review by Katharine
Purchased one of these on sale a few years ago and absolutely love it! It is a fantastic weight on its own for warm summer nights and layers well in winter. It is also amazingly stain resistant- I h...
May 16, 2018
Review by Blaire
Have never come across such a quality piece of material. It is the perfect weight for winter or summer. Heavy, but breathable. Great look/design too. I want 5 more!
May 2, 2018
Review by Csilla Lyerly
I am very happy with this gorgeous, soft and lovely comforter. It’s soft, durable and elegant. Worth the money, as I’ll never have to buy another!
Mar 30, 2018
Review by Carol White
I was a down comforter & duvet cover lover for 40y. I enjoyed my first Bancroft blanket so much I bought another & plan on buying another wool blanket in 2 colors. As well as some cotton blank...
Mar 12, 2018
Review by JG
I learned about Brahms mount on a recent trip to Maine. I was excited to obtain a cotton blanket for our king bed. The quality of the weave, the colors, and the weight of the blanket are perfect for o...
Mar 12, 2018
Review by Alicia
This is the second Brahms Mount blanket I have purchased as I was thrilled with the first one. The quality is superb. The bed always looks perfectly made up and beautiful. I love the neutral creamy...
Mar 12, 2018
Review by carol sica
I am so pleased with my Bancroft Wool Blanket. I ordered a queen sized blue heather one. The size and color are perfect. It is soft, and keeps me warm without sweating. So far I've used it during th...
Mar 2, 2018
Review by Sandra
I have several blankets and throws from Brahms Mount, and the feel, look and quality are so far above any other brand. The blankets are very generous in size. They actually hang over the mattress, b...
Oct 4, 2017
Review by Virginia Vermont
I bought the queen size blanket and it is perfect. Lovely pattern and it can be washed which is a plus. Best of all, it is made in America and wonderful quality - worth the price.
Jul 10, 2017
Review by JBC
Very, very nice blanket, love the type of weave - looks fresh and updated. Great feel and quality. Would absolutely recommend purchasing!
Jun 13, 2017
Review by Delta
Love the weight and airiness of this product. I have linen sheets as well and love the weight of them together too. No need to fight the covers from moving around so much. Very happy with this product...
Jun 12, 2017
Review by M Leslie
We live in Colorado so nights are cool but it's hot in the day time. This is the perfect blanket for spring and summer. The quality is excellent and it looks quite nice.
May 25, 2017
Review by Kari
Beautiful blanket. I have several other cotton herringbone blankets from different companies, all of which are priced similarly to Brahms Mount. All must pay this much for a high qua...
May 21, 2017
Review by Michael Godard
I ordered this blanket after buying a red herringbone wool blanket made by brahms mount a few years ago. After emailing back and forth I decided this blanket would compliment the other one. Upon recei...
May 19, 2017
Review by Amy
This blanket is nice to look at, has a very nice, soft hand, and is generously sized. I cannot say how it washes, as I have not yet done that, but overall we are very pleased with this blanket.
May 17, 2017
Review by Debbie
I was looking for a wedding gift for my niece and I decided on a Brahms Mount blanket. I already have one and I am very happy with the comfort it provides. My niece will now have an heirloom. Thank ...
May 17, 2017
Review by Barbara Galen
This beautifully crafted blanket was a gift to our son and his lovely love.
It provides the warmth she desires and the light feel he requires.
The understated, clean lines of the design marry well...
May 16, 2017
Review by David P.
I've purchased four Brahms Mount blankets during the past five years. They are a considerable investment for blankets but an excellent and impressive value for their longevity and quality. They feel w...
Mar 29, 2017
Review by Monica
The Cornsilk/white Herringbone blanket is our 4th blanket from Brahms Mount. We needed a new bedspread to lighten up our guest bedroom. It was a no-brainier about where to buy one. We love their blank...
Jun 17, 2016
Review by Melissa
My ticking stripe blankets replaced a few acrylic blankets. What a great feeling to know that my guests are so pampered. The soft cotton complements cotton sheets for one of those luxurious yet simple...
Jun 15, 2016
Review by Lois
This blanket is fabulous in feel and comfort.
Jun 14, 2016
Review by Dianne
This blanket is not stingy on size for a king size bed. Quality of workmanship is also unique in this day and age. Such a super product to own and I recommend this blanket to everyone.
May 27, 2016
Review by Abby
I like the idea of cotton blankets but my previous purchases were not at all what I wanted! This blanket is wonderful and I will now be puchasing for all my beds. Nice "hand", drape, feel ...
May 20, 2016
Review by Laurie Winchester
The craftsmanship, quality, beauty and durability of these cotton blankets is as advertised. This is my second purchase and I'll continue to buy more. Great company, great product and it'll last for...
Apr 27, 2016
Review by gloria ledoux
I recently bought this blanket. It replaces the one I purchased about 20 years ago, that was starting to show wear. I love this blanket and was thrilled I could get a new one. It serves as a blank...
Apr 25, 2016
Review by Cathy
This blanket is lovely. I needed a coverlet for a full bed. Hard to find one the correct size; this is perfect! Drapes beautifully.
Apr 22, 2016
Review by Danielle
I love this blanket- plan on using it as a summer weight bedspread. Very well made- highly recommend.
Apr 22, 2016
Review by Jeannette
This is such a soft and cozy blanket for my daughter's bed. I actually prefer it to the white herringbone blanket because it feels softer. The sham is beautiful as well!
Mar 16, 2016
Review by Emily
Just a lovely blanket! It is the perfect weight and texture. Great for any season, really. Cuddly but somewhat structured. Also, Brahms Mount's customer service was fantastic - I ordered the wrong...
Feb 21, 2016
Review by Jane
I was despairing about finding a quality blanket manufactured in the U.S. I searched every where on the Internet; nothing. Until I typed excellent quality in the search engine and voilà! Brahms Mount...
Jan 27, 2016
Review by Melissa
I've wanted a Brahm's Mount 100% linen Queen blanket for my full-sized bed forever but just couldn't manage the price of my obsession. I nabbed an irregular in the indigo color I wanted, and the size...
Jan 25, 2016
Review by Nancy
I recently purchased this linen blanket, in indigo (a rich shade of blue). I've found it to be incredibly warm. Cotton sheets tend to absorb the winter cold and stay cool, but this blanket never does,...
Jan 20, 2016
Review by Diane
This is the highest quality, most comfortable blanket I have ever owned. Talk about "getting your money's worth." This is it. The artisans at Brahms Mount know what they are doing and I th...
Jan 8, 2016
Review by K obrien
This is just a perfect blanket if you want a cotton alternative to down. The weight is just right The feel is just right and the quality is excellent. We now have one on our bed at home and at our ...
Jan 8, 2016
Review by Tom Farrell
We were looking for winter warmth without much weight and did not wish to use down. This washable wool blanket proved to be the answer. We keep our bedroom temp below 68 degrees and when the outside t...
Jan 8, 2016
Review by Jane Anne
We have been very happy with our Cotton Starry Night - could also call it the Wedding Ring blanket for the design. If you're intending to use it under a comforter with bedskirt like we do on our quee...
Jan 8, 2016
Review by Shelly
This blanket is of extremely high quality. It is really soft and there was no smell when it came out of the package. I can't imagine buying blankets from any other company in the future.
Nov 17, 2015
This is the Rolls Royce of blankets! It's light as a feather and literally breathes with the weather, plus it has that understated glamour that can be fully appreciated only by going under the covers...
Nov 16, 2015
Review by Judy
Beautiful blanket, warm but not heavy. Very generous sizing, can tuck in with room to spare on pillow-top King mattress. More expensive than imported blankets but no comparison with regard to quality...
Nov 11, 2015
Review by CPM
I've always loved linen and knit with it frequently. While working on a small project of my own, I wanted to see how a large scale piece would translate. The product here demonstrates fine craftsmansh...

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