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Ticking Stripe Collection

Recent Reviews
May 16, 2018
Review by Blaire
Have never come across such a quality piece of material. It is the perfect weight for winter or summer. Heavy, but breathable. Great look/design too. I want 5 more!
Jun 17, 2016
Review by Melissa
My ticking stripe blankets replaced a few acrylic blankets. What a great feeling to know that my guests are so pampered. The soft cotton complements cotton sheets for one of those luxurious yet simple...
Jun 14, 2016
Review by Dianne
This blanket is not stingy on size for a king size bed. Quality of workmanship is also unique in this day and age. Such a super product to own and I recommend this blanket to everyone.
May 20, 2016
Review by Laurie Winchester
The craftsmanship, quality, beauty and durability of these cotton blankets is as advertised. This is my second purchase and I'll continue to buy more. Great company, great product and it'll last for...
Apr 22, 2016
Review by Danielle
I love this blanket- plan on using it as a summer weight bedspread. Very well made- highly recommend.
Mar 16, 2016
Review by Emily
Just a lovely blanket! It is the perfect weight and texture. Great for any season, really. Cuddly but somewhat structured. Also, Brahms Mount's customer service was fantastic - I ordered the wrong...
Aug 22, 2015
Review by Beth
Too hot for this now but this winter on top of my other blanket it will be perfect. However, I use it as a spread now because it is too pretty to put away. The quality is very good and is made in the ...
Jul 23, 2015
Review by Stella
Done with fast-fashion & on an anti-plastic campaign for our home, we have weeded out the crap we used to live with and hand-selected quality products for our family. This blanket is on our favou...
Jul 20, 2015
Review by Karen
We ordered the cotton ticking blanket as a gift to ourselves for our one year anniversary, and it's just perfect. It's truly so well made and worth every penny. I can't stop recommending Brahms Mount ...
Jul 19, 2015
Review by Katie
This blanket is gorgeous--the cotton pile is durable yet soft, it doesn't pill, it feels robust and cosy. It also looks incredibly fresh on our bed--modern but classic at the same time. Couldn't be ha...
Jul 17, 2015
Review by Heather
I adore our down comforter, but my husband would always get hot while sleeping under it. So I decided to try this blanket as I'd read it was light but warm and really soft - just what I was looking fo...
Jun 15, 2015
Review by Chris O
This is the best summer blanket in the house. Soft, lovely to look at, beautifully woven, and just the right weight for summer. Come fall, I will layer it and it will become the best fall blanket in t...
May 25, 2015
Review by Lara
My husband and I just ordered the cotton ticking blanket and it is truly beautiful! It's worth every penny and something that I'm sure we'll have for years to come.
Jan 13, 2015
Review by Laurie Winchester
I'm done with bulky comforters now that I've found this blanket. I intend to purchase more and layer them. They are exactly as advertised and look beautiful on a bed.
Mar 17, 2014
Review by Christine Dillon-Puchalsky
This blanket is of exceptional quality and workmanship. Well worth the price. I'll probably buy another for our guest room. And a plus for me is that it is made in the U.S.A.
Feb 20, 2014
Review by Lindley
I adore this blanket! The quality is wonderful and it serves as a winter layer and summer quilt. We have the blue ticking and it's a lovely soft blue shade. This is a blanket I know we will have forev...
Feb 18, 2014
Review by Leora
I absolutely love my Cotton Ticking Stripe Blanket. It is perfect for layering over my down blanket in the winter, and great on its own in the warmer months. Plus I loved everything about the company ...
Nov 16, 2013
Review by Paul Carruthers
I looked and looked to find a good cotton bed blanket and could not find what I was looking for - a rich, well made blanket at a reasonable price. When I found this Brahms Mount blanket, I was at firs...
Aug 14, 2013
Review by Jan Simeone
Where do I begin? We LOVE our blankets.....we have two of them....we feel so lucky! Both are Red Pillow Ticking Stripe-A design not found anywhere else and just what our bedrooms needed! We loved the ...
Jun 13, 2013
Review by Christina
Our gorgeous ticking-stripe blanket is somehow pleasantly weighty and substantial in the hand, and yet soft and breathable at the same time. It's perfect for sleeping on hot summer nights with the win...
Jun 17, 2012
Review by Thomas Smith
The Brahms Mount cotton blankets are the finest bed coverings I ever used.
They're warm and comfortable. They feel good, and they look Great! I find them perfect for both summer and winter. 5 STars!

durable as the vintage textiles that inspired it, yet so much softer

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