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Linen Towels - Old News - 2001 Press Release

To: News Assignments Desk

RE: Press release, Spring / Summer 2001

Brahms Mount


The focus at Brahms Mount is our desire to have fabrics transcend the bedroom and become personal products with the comfort of your bedroom "clothing". We continue to innovate within the Home Textiles market with our products created from natural fibers. We have an (then) 18 year tradition of manufacturing "...the best cotton blankets on earth". We also manufacture the best linen blankets on Earth. But it goes further than that...

Linen, a renewable resource environmentally friendly at all levels, is an appropriate fiber and fabric for relaxation and personal comfort. It is known to us and marketed by us as the healing fiber that promotes relaxation, breathing well in humidity and insulating in cool air. As it gets more and more use, it becomes more and more elegant to the touch. Linen reacts in a way according to the season and the body in contact with the cloth. Our Linen Toga (Linen Day Blanket) gets its' design roots from the literal translation of the original use of a toga, a draped one-piece outer garment or Robe. Our Linen Toga is continuing to expand easily into the personal care market. The personal care market is a broad market that envelops activities at the waters edge, in the sauna, at spas, during meditative activities... yoga and relaxation, in the garden, and of course, the sleep market. There is scientific research supporting the many natural qualities of linen that enhance relaxation and support anti-stress respiratory function. The Sauna or Spa is a place where a fabric known for moisture absorbency, natural wicking and evaporation properties is perfect.

Our togas are the personal day blanket, as their market is you. There is nothing more elegant than linen aging next to your body. Our innovative construction and application is the creation of a fabric for all seasons and uses. It is a source of great esteem to be manufacturing textiles within the United States from our own designs. Take note of Brahms Mount... weaving the competition behind.

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