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3 Reasons Why We Love the Herringbone Design for Blankets & Throws

Our herringbone design is perfect for every design style: from conservative to eclectic, from simple to multidimensional. Here are just a few reasons why we love our herringbone styles.

1. Timeless pattern

This design will never go out of style. A style more unique than what you might see on a traditionally woven blanket, the herringbone pattern adds an element of interest while not detracting from other decorations in your room.


Click here to learn more about the above Cotton Chevron Blanket (chevron only in name - it is a herringbone pattern)!

2. Bold, yet subtle

One of the best things about a herringbone pattern is that, as we mentioned, it adds interest to your room design without being distracting. For this reason, the herringbone pattern can be both bold and subtle at the same time.

Alpaca Herringbone Throw

Click here to learn more about our Cotton/Alpaca Herringbone Throw (pictured above).

3. Vibrant or neutral

We offer herringbone patterns in both bold colors and neutral patterns alike, so you can find any color to suit your style! You'll see some of our more neutral patterns above, but we also offer a wide variety of color options, as well.

Cotton Herringbone Throws

Click here to learn more about our Cotton Herringbone Throw (pictured above).

Interested in seeing our full selection of herringbone chevron blankets or throws? Click here to see them all.

By Brahms Mount

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  • Maureen Colleran
    posted on June 21, 2014

    I love the indigo herringbone I got on sale from Brahms Mount. Even though irregular it is cozy soft and gorgeous. What fantastic quality. Thank you and I shall recommend to everyone!

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