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4 Memorable Baby Shower Gifts Every Mother-To-Be Will Love

Gone are the days where a box of diapers are going to get the "ooh's" and "ahh's" every gift-giver desires at a baby shower. Today, a diaper cake or some other creative masterpiece will win you "shower's best gift" in the mind of the Mom-to-be.

Here are a few ideas to make your gift the most memorable at the party.

1. Baby Blanket

There is nothing more timeless than a baby's first blanket.

Hopscotch Baby Blanket


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Baby blankets, unlike diapers, onesies, or another gift that will be grown out of or only used once, will stand the test of time. A baby blanket will follow a child well into the first years of his or her life.

Then, Mom and Dad will put the blanket to good use by incorporating the blanket into their new son or daughter's memorabilia collection.

2. Take-home outfit from the hospital

Nothing will be more memorable for the Mom-to-be than holding her newborn for the first time. You can be apart of that moment - plus create some peace of mind for Mom - by getting the baby the very first outfit he or she will wear.

Take it a step further by packing it up to make it easy for the new Mom and Dad, so they have everything ready for the hospital trip!

3. Crib

A crib is a big investment - and an important one. Make the day of the new parents by helping them out with a new crib or by giving them one you no longer need. Take it further by having one built or building it on your own!

4. Homemade Gifts

Nothing can be more meaningful that a handmade or homemade gift. Whether a knitted item (think hats, mittens, or sweaters), a blanket (see above), or another heart felt item, your gift will be cherished for years to come!

By Brahms Mount

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  • Shannon J. Perkins
    posted on October 28, 2014

    There are lots of items that can be a memorable gift, not just four. Well, homemade gifts are really amazing, in fact, they are also part of the memorable gift lists that I have. Why don't you consider a thermometer as one of the gifts? This is such a perfect and important thing that a mother must have.

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