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5 Good Reasons to Write a Customer Review


social-logo1. Make a good thing even better.

"Did you ever consider a strong hanging corner on them. so they could be hooked onto a bar hook?"

2. Send a long overdue thank you.

"I have had this blanket since I was an infant, and I am delighted to share that it is still going strong 17 years later!"

3. Promote conscious consumerism.

"...we learned that your products are made in the U.S. by real artisans."

4. Influence our design.

"... I have the plum/natural color (a color they discontinued but I don't know why - it's lovely!)."

5. Have fun.

"I will never buy any other type of towel. It's like flying first class, once you do, you can't go back to coach."


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