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Our Customers Love Our Baby Blankets!

The Brahms Mount team has had three babies born in the last 6 months. Each has there own baby blanket made here in Maine by our excellent team of artisans. The baby blanket is one of Brahms Mount's greatest products. Read this review:

Baby Blanket Endorsement

Apr 29, 2012 by Martha Johnson

"Eighteen years ago when my son was born his grandfather gave him a checkmate baby blanket. It became the proverbial blankie for him and after 6 years of constant use it got a little rageddy. When his baby brother was born we gave him the same blanket as a comfort gift and he loved it. Guess what he asked for as a going away to college gift? Another (bigger) blanket from Brahms Mount!"

I put the baby blanket on the floor and our baby is happy rolling on the floor for a long time. It's great to use in a car seat, in the crib... It is heavy weight so we don't worry about him suffocating when lying on his stomach. In all, it is a well built and comfortable tool to have for all occasions indoors and out. Best of all, there are no synthetic fibers.

cotton baby blanket


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