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Bath Towels vs. Bath Sheets: What's the Difference?

Sure, you've heard the term "bath towels," but what about "bath sheets"?

The difference between bath towels and sheets is very simple: the size is different. A bath towel will typically measure 27 inches x 52 inches to 30 inches x 58 inches, while a bath sheet measures 35 inches x 60 inches.

If you tend to like a large towel, then the bath sheet is certainly the way to go.


Here at Brahms Mount, we offer the following linen towel sizes:

  • Bath Sheet or Body Towel: 35 X 58”
  • Bath Towel: 27 X 54”
  • Hand/Kitchen Towel: 17 X 30”
  • Washcloth: 13 X 16”


And our bath sheets come in the following colors:

  • Natural Leno Stripe
  • Natural/Red Stripe
  • Pearl/Coral Awning Stripe
  • Pearl/Coral Colorblock
  • Pearl/Coral Stripe
  • Pearl/Natural Awning Stripe
  • Pearl/Natural Colorblock
  • Pearl/Natural Stripe
  • Pearl Leno Stripe
  • Pearl/Light Indigo Awning Stripe
  • Pearl/Light Indigo Colorblock
  • Pearl/Light Indigo Stripe
  • Pearl/Royal Blue Stripe
  • Solid Natural
  • Solid Pearl

Ready to learn more about our bath sheets? Contact us today!

By Brahms Mount

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  • prassu
    posted on September 28, 2014

    Until reading your blog i did not hear the term bath sheet. In this blog bath sheets are very nice and attractive.thanks for your information.

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