Bath Towels vs. Bath Sheets: What's the Difference?

By Brahms Mount

Many homes have both bath towels and bath sheets. What’s the best towel for the job? There are days when you want to linger and days when you are on a tight schedule. If time is of the essence, then you’ll want to use a Bath Towel. It’s the perfect size for quick drying. If you have extra time, you might find yourself luxuriate in a Bath Sheet.

Linen bath towel and bath sheet

Specifically, the difference between a bath towel and bath sheet is the size. A bath towel is smaller at 26”-28” wide x 54” long.  A bath sheet typically measures 35” x 58"

Bath Sheet

Bath sheets add luxury when you step out of a bath or shower. After drying, they are worn around our waists and sarong style. The phone rang while you were showering? Grab your bath sheet and wrap it around you. Then you can talk on the phone, get your coffee, feed the pets, and apply make-up, all under the cover of a bath sheet! If you’re going to the beach, bring your bath sheet! It’s big enough to wrap you after a swim and place upon the sand. We've already discussed the benefits of using Brahms Mount fabric at the beach.

Pearl Linen Bath Sheet

Bath Towel

Sometimes you just need to get the job done! A bath towel is an efficient size for every day. Don’t let the smaller size fool you. The absorbency of a bath towel is the same as a bath sheet if it is the same kind of towel. It provides all the same functions.

Bath towels are often found as a part of a set. They fold and stack into compact spaces making them perfect for smaller and guest bathrooms. Bath towels are a good choice for children. The size does not overwhelm.

Linen Bath Towel

 Linen as a towel

A 100% linen bath towel or sheet is your best choice for all occasions. The natural properties of linen outperform. It can absorb 20% of its weight in water before feeling damp. It moves moisture efficiently, reducing drying time. Linen not only adds function and beauty to your home, a linen towel can travel anywhere as your personal favorite. The smaller sizes are perfect in your backpack as your sole camping towel. The larger sizes are a welcome accompaniment to your yoga practice and after a sauna.

Brahms Mount covers all of your towel needs, in all sizes! Shop our linen towels!

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