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Cotton Bedspread Blanket

A customer recently commented that they already had two (non Brahms Mount) wool blankets yet they still feel cold now and again during cool San Francisco nights. This customer was trying to reduce the blanket weight and increase warmth.

Cotton Bedspread

While a bedspread typically reaches the floor and is meant for aesthetic purposes, a duvet or comforter is primarily intended for warmth. Brahms Mount cotton blankets serve as a hybrid, an excellent choice for aesthetics and warmth.

Wool and Cotton Blankets Blanket thickness comparison

You can see the rolled up wool blanket, while retaining all the warmth properties inherent in wool, is not the heavy, felted blanket from days past. The cotton blanket below adds weight (nearly 8 pounds of cotton) and is a perfect second layer for a cool night to retain warmth.

Sized larger than a typical duvet or comforter, the Brahms Mount cotton blanket, with it's classic beauty and wide range of colors, hangs over a typical sized mattress and eliminates the need for a bed skirt. It can also be folded at the foot of the bed and used as needed.

By Brahms Mount

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