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Cotton Blankets: Naturally Timed For All Seasons

Natural fibers and natural color have an easy air, naturally timed for all seasons.

Bring warmth to your bedroom and familiarity to your environment with an all-natural cotton blanket. It will layer in as texture with an all neutral surrounding, or be a bridge in a home of many colors.

Cotton Rib Blanket

Come home to these 5 founding Brahms Mount Natural Cotton Blankets:

NATURAL Cotton Rib Blanket

This blanket is all about texture, volume and weight, personifying creativity through the combination of yarn and weave. Shop Rib Blankets

BEDFORD CORD Cotton Blanket

Raised tunnels in the weave of the fabric trap air. This provides insulating properties that increase thermal comfort. Shop Bedford Cord

HERRINGBONE Cotton Blankets

A pattern that requires no explanation, the Herringbone weave is classic. It can enter a room as if it’s always been there. Shop Now


SAHARA Cotton Blanket

This weave can have the smoothest vista or the windswept drape of dunes. Its got weight but its presence is as light as a bare foot on soft sand. Shop Now

STARRY NIGHTS Cotton Blanket

Gentle puckering of interlaced yarns creates light patterning. Light plays in subtle shadows across the weave. Shop Now

A Brahms Mount blanket is a piece of tranquility, a symbol of tradition, and a functional piece of art. Natural color and fibers provide the purest palette upon which to highlight weave, pattern, and texture. Weave, pattern, and texture, are most often best seen in a neutral color and a natural fiber.

Each of these blankets has a unique character, timeless and timed for all seasons, naturally.

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