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How to Properly Store Your Blankets

It's that time of year. Time to switch out your summer blankets for the winter ones. Blankets vary as far as care, but many need the same TLC when it comes to storage. Follow these few simple steps in order to keep your blankets in the best of shape next season.

1. Clean your blanket, following the care labels. If you have a linen or cotton Brahms Mount blanket, you can find the care instructions for cleaning here. Make sure your blanket is completely dry before storing.

2. Cedar lined chests or closets are ideal for blanket storage, as the cedar deters moths and other insects from bothering the fabrics.

3. Other storage options include plastic bins for under the bed or in a closet.

4. Sealed plastic bags that came with your blanket are another option for storage. Vacuum storage bags are another option if you lose or throw away your bags; or simply want to conserve a little more space.

5. Pull out your blanket at the beginning of next season and enjoy!

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