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How to Protect Your Blanket From a Pet

We love our blankets...but so do our pets. Whether your cat or dog likes to snuggle up with you in your favorite blanket or throw or whether they'd rather get their teeth and claws into it, here are a few tips on how to keep your textiles safe from your pet.

Store your blankets and throws

Keeping your blankets on the back of the couch or at the foot of the bed might keep certain pets away, but we know our feline and canine friends have a way of resting where they aren't supposed to. Much as we love them, we don't always love the smell or the fur they leave behind. To keep your blankets safe, store them in a closet or even in a decorative bin. That way, you can pull them out when you need them.

Keep your pets out

If you really want to keep your pets away from your blankets and throws - especially if they are the destructive type - keep them out of rooms (such as your bedroom) by closing the doors or putting up baby gates.

Wash your blankets regularly

As we mentioned, it's no secret that our furry friends are coupled with odor. If you can't keep them away 100% of the time, be sure to regularly wash your blankets and throws to keep them smelling fresh and clean. Many of the blankets and throws we have here at Brahms Mount are washer and dryer friendly!

Pictured: Cotton/Linen Day Blanket

By Brahms Mount

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  • Christy
    posted on September 27, 2014

    A design client of mine puts a spray bottle on her Brahms Mount linen throw, and that intimidates her little terrier from jumping up on it. (Me--I would let him at it, and wash it once in awhile. You can replace blankets, but not your best friend!! Thanks for making washable, beautiful things!!)

  • Claudia
    posted on September 25, 2014

    Don't put your blanket away...that makes it a chore...why own it...? I would not suggest washing regularly either... they woven of natural fibers and should be washed when you need to. If I don't want my dog on the blanket I cover it with a sheet like Sheila said...or I keep the dog off...or...I get my pet their own baby blanket size one! Pets know a good thing!!

  • Brahms Mount
    posted on September 24, 2014

    Just found this tip from apartmenttherapy:

    Pets, in general, aren't comfortable walking on strange surfaces that make noises. Try placing a piece of ALUMINUM FOIL (or bubble wrap) on the area in question and leave it for two or three days. Remove the foil, but don't discard it just yet! You might need it again. See if your kitty or dog goes back to that spot. This might take a few days or even a week. If the behavior has stopped, you're done! If your pet realizes his favorite sleeping spot if available again, replace the foil and leave it there for a week. Repeat the process until they get the idea.

  • Juj
    posted on September 23, 2014

    Don't be silly. Only an obsessive compulsive begrudges their good buddy the comforts life has to offer - including great blankies.

    Get over what anyone else thinks, enjoy your bedding with the best companion ever. This also makes your pet feel protective of your MUTUAL lair, your bed. This affords great early intruder alarm and backup, should you ever need it.

    In summation: Don't be stingey with your buddy.

  • Sheila
    posted on September 23, 2014

    I love my Brahms Mount blankets and I love my 3 furkids. I put a lightweight covering over my Brahms Mount blankets. I use either a flat sheet (for my bed), or a large, white commercial-type tablecloth to protect my blankets, and still allow my "kids" to get on my bed and couches.

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