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Brahms Mount Finishing and Inspection

Singer Sewing Machine


Every blanket is inspected by multiple eyes and hands. This is not an automated process. One of the beautiful aspects of Brahms Mount product is that all 'things' are not the same as every step of the inspection process is done by a human.

Every item goes through 3 inspections. Each item is inspected before and after they are washed. Our fabric is piece finished: That is, each blanket is pre-washed and therefore pre-shrunk. Washing brings yarn and fabric to life. It makes it dimensionally stable so it does NOT shrink with future washes.

Fabric that comes off the loom at 120" wide - ends up 90" wide once through the finishing process. Fabric is woven as closely as possible so the finishing process results in full cover and a long-lasting integrity!

natural linen blanket

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