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Inspiration - Where Does It Come From?

Many things inspire us to be creative. Taking inspiration from travel, writers find words. The meaning found in words inspires the lyrics for music. The music we hear inspires dance. Some are inspired through thoughtful times or a favorite family member. Cultures inspire fashion. Tall trees and stillness in the forest inspire.

Inspiration is a spontaneous function that we do not control.  It is a natural reaction that can come from a sky filled with stars or a single fresh green blade of grass.

That blade of grass can inspire an entire bedroom scheme. The gradation of color from light to dark contains many shades around which an oasis can be designed. It’s refreshing, simple, and monochromatic; all the ingredients needed for a peaceful room.

A fabric that drapes gracefully over the skin can be inspired by the memory of the wind in our face and the smell of the ocean in a breeze.

Nature has been an abundant inspiration for our throw collections. Our Blue Heron, Pemaquid Point and Canyon are designed in reaction to observing the outdoors. The warm color of oak is brought indoors in our Alpaca Herringbone Throw.

Imagine your sitting room being brought to life by the colors in our food! Watermelon and paprika become the colors in an Ombre. Eggplant and melon, oyster and apple; these are the colors that we were inspired to put in our Herringbone Throws.

A simple stitch in a piece of ancient cloth becomes a Stitched Plaid. A chair woven of bamboo becomes the inspiration for our soft Wicker Blanket.

We are inspired by what we felt yesterday, see today, and will touch tomorrow. These impressions can last forever, especially when captured by an artist.

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