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Antique Danish Bed - Linen Review

Dear Brahms Mount;

I do not know how many of these kinds of letters that you receive, my experience would say you get a lot, but I really wanted you to know how incredibly happy I am that I found you and that I have had the pleasure of purchasing from you. I bought a linen blanket from you over a year ago in January of 2007. It has been the best thing that has ever graced the top of my antique Danish Bed.

When I bought it I did so more for the authenticity of it than from any expectation of comfort but since then I can not even think of sleeping without it. When I read that some of you travel with your blankets I laughed and pooh-poohed the idea but you weren't kidding. When some of my friends hear of the price they sometimes wince but when I explain the sheer joy and comfort it brings and they feel it, they are immediately impressed by their own perception of its quality, I remark "value remains long after price is forgotten" They all now agree!!!

I am certain of the fact that in the next couple of years that I will buy more of your blankets and also your linen towels, I have a set of these already, but I did want to thank you, in this age of cheap and poorly-made, for all the heart and soul that you have put back into these items. I look forward to being a good customer for yours and a great advocate. Again thanks. <name withheld>



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