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Meet the Brahms Mount Crew: Claudia Brahms

Our crew is an amazing collection of creative, quirky, and downright lovable people.  I will be able to showcase every one of my coworkers in due time, but let’s start appropriately at the beginning, in Claudia Brahms’ head.

Claudia Brahms Claudia Brahms

Name: Claudia Brahms

Position: Co-founder, Creative Designer

Working Since: the very beginning!

Off Hours: Creating fantastic monoprints, adventurous hiking with Noel throughout Maine, having a healthy silly side to her humor that  is currently distracting me from writing this!!

Quote: “I think creativity is a language we all speak.  I want to bring that to everyone with my designing.”

Claudia was born and raised in the heart of the fashion world -- New York City.  After graduating from both the Fashion Institute of Technology and Philadelphia’s College of Textiles and Science, (where she received her BS in Textile Design with Honors), she jumped head first into design work.

Claudia has always been bold in her career choices.  Despite a highly competitive market, she returned to NYC as soon as she graduated, freelancing her services to design and weave fabric for interior designers.  Perhaps her boldest move was packing all her belongings and moving to Maine to work as a design trainee.  Claudia recalls, “I was able to experience life right inside a textile mill, working on the factory floor and designing new fabrics and yarns.  It was a wonderful opportunity, further blessed by meeting my husband to be.”  Claudia, of course, is referring to Noel Mount, husband and business partner.  Together, they founded Brahms Mount and have happily worked side by side for over twenty-six years.  Even when they sold the business to David Kaufman in April 2009, they both stayed on board to do what they do best: create beautiful textiles.

Beautiful textiles have been Claudia’s lifeblood from the beginning.  “My greatest influence has been my mother and father.”  Her mom and dad were respectively a fashion designer and an interior designer. Growing up in such an environment, “it was impossible not to have wide eyes.”

Wide eyes might be the key to her success in textile design.  Brahms Mount blankets and throws are known for their beauty and quality that can only be achieved when one is skilled in creating something complex and make it look so simple.  Claudia better elaborates: “My attraction for the feel and look of simply woven fabrics in natural fibers has led me to develop a recognizable and tailored style.  While I am drawn to bold colors, my true love is for the lasting character of beautifully tailored and comfortable fabrics.”

Too true!

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