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Origins of Hefty Cotton and Antique Looms

Cotton Blankets Brahms Mount Cotton Blanket in Houndstooth and Starry Night patterns

There was no cotton blanket on the market in 1983.The only cotton blankets were in hospitals and one being manufactured in England. This was a hole in the growing home market - a cotton blanket that is much more than a commodity!

Thick yarn was being used in the hand knit trade and we felt it had another use - in the bedroom. We were hearing about lifestyle merchandising, foretelling of the "nesting" trend. The home, and the textiles we surround ourselves with at home, were about to become the focus of an entire market. There were few natural fiber blankets other than wool, and merino hadn't hit its stride.

An antique shuttle loom stripped of harnesses and other parts in preparation for transport An antique shuttle loom used by Brahms Mount prepared for transport

We had designed a fabric that we wanted as a blanket and Brahms Mount was born. The yarn we use and the looms in the Maine Mill are a perfect match. Our artisans can climb inside the loom to thread. You cannot do that on modern looms. On modern looms the harnesses and working guts are removed and threaded away from the loom then 'plugged' back in.

Our looms need little in the way of electronics and the parts were readily available. The looms themselves are far more approachable in terms of threading and setting up for shorter production runs. We did not have the space for the warping and ancillary equipment needed for high speed looms.

And that has given us the flexibility to design from a broad base of options.

Brahms Mount has an informative collection of videos hosted on YouTube

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