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Red and Pink Blankets: Our Favorite Blankets Inspired by Valentine's Day

With the day of love quickly approaching, we thought it a perfect time to speak to our favorite Valentine's inspired blankets.

What's more is that blankets and throws are really perfect for this time of year. Snuggling up with your significant other on the couch or on a romantic date under the stars is an amazing way to spend this Cupid-inspired holiday.

Pink and Purple Blankets

Cotton - Wisteria Herringbone Throw Wisteria Cotton Herringbone Throw

Pink, while it can be a more feminine color, can also bring a lot of color to your home - and a bit of Spring. Also, as one of the colors of love, it's a sweet sentiment to Valentine's Day and your loved one!

Red Blankets

Madder Red Cotton Blanket Madder Red Cotton Blanket

Red, the color of love, can be seen in a beautiful array of patterns and shades in the following blankets and throws. You can enjoy the comfort and warmth of these cotton throws, while celebrating the season of love!

Want to learn more about our blankets and throws? Check them out today!

By Brahms Mount

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