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Room Decor Inspired by Winter: The "Warmed-Up White" Room

Being in Maine, we're inspired by the nature and beauty around us everyday. While the great outdoors certainly helps us design specific pieces, we're also influenced to create beautiful collections for rooms.

In the depths of winter, the look of this warmed-up white room, while reminiscent of the snow piles outside, reminds us more of a cozy oasis.

Inspired by winter?

Start with whites: incorporate different shades, from pure white to off-white. Make sure your whites are warm and plush; this is a great way to add texture to your room. Then, feel free to go even darker. Incorporate warm browns for depth. Last, but certainly not least, add a pop of color: and blue for winter is the perfect choice!

Try it from our collection!

Love this collection as much as we do? Check out each of our blankets below:

Go out and get inspired by the nature around you! Contact us today for more inspiration!

By Brahms Mount

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