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Penobscot Cotton Blanket

Penobscot Cotton Blanket

Super-soft and stylish in crisp white or natural color combinations, our herringbone cotton blanket has a classic style and timeless appeal.

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Starts at $281.00

Made in Maine, since 1983

Product Details
Made from 100% USA cotton
Double hand-turned hem
Machine washable

All Brahms Mount textiles are prewashed and preshrunk
All Brahms Mount products are made in the USA

Twin 72” x 90”
Full 80” x 90”
Queen 90” x 90”
King 110” x 90”

Feel-Good Fibers
Sustainability is not a new idea at Brahms Mount. Natural fibers and earth-friendly practices were woven into the fabric of our company from day one. Every part of our process, from sourcing yarns to manufacturing products, involves making choices with minimal impact. We use colorfast, eco-friendly dyes to achieve our vibrant hues. We follow the safest possible methods to give our whites their characteristic brightness. Our natural fibers are just that – pure and undyed, with a clean, untreated finish. Feel-good fibers, in every sense.

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I learned about Brahms mount on a recent trip to Maine. I was excited to obtain a cotton blanket for our king bed. The quality of the weave, the colors, and the weight of the blanket are perfect for our new home. I am grateful that I can support the fine people of the state of Maine and stay comfy and warm too! What a great company! Thank you for what you do!
Posted by JG on 3/12/18
Double Delight
This is the second Brahms Mount blanket I have purchased as I was thrilled with the first one. The quality is superb. The bed always looks perfectly made up and beautiful. I love the neutral creamy color which will always be in style. Very happy.
Posted by Alicia on 3/12/18
cotton herringbone
Beautiful blanket. I have several other cotton herringbone blankets from different companies, all of which are priced similarly to Brahms Mount. All must pay this much for a high quality cotton blanket. In contrast, Brahms is a looser weave, larger thread and heavier than my other brands. It makes the herringbone color more prominent, resulting in a lovely visual. Very warm. Wonderful.
Posted by Kari on 5/25/17
Cotton Herringbone
I was looking for a wedding gift for my niece and I decided on a Brahms Mount blanket. I already have one and I am very happy with the comfort it provides. My niece will now have an heirloom. Thank you for your quality!!
Posted by Debbie on 5/17/17
Quality Blankets That Last
I've purchased four Brahms Mount blankets during the past five years. They are a considerable investment for blankets but an excellent and impressive value for their longevity and quality. They feel wonderful and create a sense of comfort and peace -- as do all well-crafted, thoughtfully designed blankets.
Posted by David P. on 5/16/17
Another wonderful blanket
The Cornsilk/white Herringbone blanket is our 4th blanket from Brahms Mount. We needed a new bedspread to lighten up our guest bedroom. It was a no-brainier about where to buy one. We love their blankets; great hand-made construction, made in the U.S., good weight and feel to the fabric, beautiful designs. The blanket arrived and we were delighted. It looks and feels great. Now we just need a throw to go with it! I'll be seeing you soon Brahms Mount!
Posted by Monica on 3/29/17
Best blanket ever!
I like the idea of cotton blankets but my previous purchases were not at all what I wanted! This blanket is wonderful and I will now be puchasing for all my beds. Nice "hand", drape, feel and softness. Great temperature control. Not too heavy nor light. Wish they made clothing as well. I ordered the natural color but will be trying other colors as well. Compliments my soothing master bedroom scheme perfectly!
Posted by Abby on 5/27/16
The greatest blanket ever!
I was despairing about finding a quality blanket manufactured in the U.S. I searched every where on the Internet; nothing. Until I typed excellent quality in the search engine and voilĂ ! Brahms Mount appeared! I ordered a herringbone weave in a queen size. This is an amazing blanket. The quality is superb. The softness is parfait! I firmly believe this blanket will last beyond my lifespan. My daughters may fight as to who receives it! Should I put it in my will? Lol
Posted by Jane on 2/21/16
This is the highest quality, most comfortable blanket I have ever owned. Talk about "getting your money's worth." This is it. The artisans at Brahms Mount know what they are doing and I thank them for making my nights sleep the most comfortable ever! I highly recommend Brahms Mount to anyone looking for a high quality, perfectly loomed blanket.
Posted by Diane on 1/20/16
Fabulous product
This is just a perfect blanket if you want a cotton alternative to down. The weight is just right The feel is just right and the quality is excellent. We now have one on our bed at home and at our vacation home. Excellent choice
Posted by K obrien on 1/8/16
Very soft and warm blanket
This blanket is of extremely high quality. It is really soft and there was no smell when it came out of the package. I can't imagine buying blankets from any other company in the future.
Posted by Shelly on 1/8/16
Great blanket
Beautiful blanket, warm but not heavy. Very generous sizing, can tuck in with room to spare on pillow-top King mattress. More expensive than imported blankets but no comparison with regard to quality. Glad to support a US company!
Posted by Judy on 11/16/15
Luxe blanket
After experiencing a Brahms Mount blanket at a local boutique hotel we just had to have one. Went with the king size: not heavy, breathes well and keeps us warm. Planning to purchase as a holiday gift for the folks!
Posted by Kristian on 11/8/15
Very nice
Thick and warm. Very generously sized. Hoping it will soften with use - not rough per se but not as soft and cozy as the starry night sham yet.
Posted by Jeannette on 10/23/15
Classic cotton blanket, perfect midweight
I was looking for a cotton blanket to swap out for my wool bedspread in summertime. This is the perfect summerweight blanket, and with classically timeless style. On my full-size mattress, the double-sized blanked just covers the mattress, so if you like a long drape, you might consider sizing up to the queen.
Posted by Amelia on 7/20/15
Once you buy one, you'll understand.
Great blanket! Undoubtedly the best blanket I've ever owned. Yes, a bit on the expensive side but once you own one, you'll understand. You simply cannot purchase a comparable blanket off the shelf of any box store. The sacrifice you'll make to purchase one will be rewarded over and over for many years to come. I'm planning another purchase. Thank you Brahms Mount!
Posted by Dan on 5/23/15
Life made easier with our blanket
We love everything about our blanket, the color, the feel, the weight, but also, we have it sandwiched between our top sheet and quilt and it all stays put so making the bed in the morning is the most amazingly easy thing to do now!
Posted by Constance Brocato on 1/15/15
Wonderful Blanket
We purchased this blanket for my daughter's bedroom. She loves it and has commented many times about how pleased she is that we purchased it. It is warm in winter but we know (from previously purchase) it will breath in summer.
Posted by Keesh on 1/14/15
I cannot speak enough about your customer service - absolutely superb!

Haven't used the blanket yet as we are in the process of redecorating our G Bed Room and have not finished the process.
Posted by Michael J Cassidy on 1/13/15
Cotton Herringbone Blanket
Once you've slept with Brahms Mount, there is no going back. These blankets are the most beautifully made, snuggly soft and warm, breathing blankets in any season. I've found I prefer my heavy cotton blankets in the winter too - just add a down comforter and perfection ensues.
Posted by Meg on 1/13/15
Best Blanket
We love our blanket - ordered the herringbone in "natural" queen size. It's so soft and well made. It's really pricey but it's something we're using every night this summer so I don't care, it's worth it :P
Posted by Nancy H on 8/11/14
The Real Deal
I like these blankets for several reasons: they are not made in China(actually done by USA artisans), they are made of premium materials, and they feel real to me. There are so many cheaper blankets that are made of synthetic materials that are unnaturally soft, almost oily to the touch. These are the real deal.
Posted by Kay on 7/10/14
Cotton Herringbone Blanket: heaven
This blanket is gorgeous, luxuriously soft and made on an antique loom in the USA. What more could anyone ask? For years I went to the big box stores or nice catalogs for blankets but when I found a Brahms Mount in a local linens store it changed my life! It is handcrafted, it is cotton (both warm and breathable) and I adore it. Over the years we've gone from one to four of these plus a couple of linen blankets. They make exquisite wedding gifts too. If you ever have a question they have REAL PEOPLE who answer your questions expertly.

Thank you Brahms Mount.
Posted by Meg on 6/5/14
The Best Blanket
I purchased this blanket in February of 2014, which was freezing at our home. I needed a blanket that was warm, comfortable, attractive, had some weight to it and didn't give off a lot of static electricity when the humidity went down in the winter. I purchased the king size cotton herringbone blanket in stone. It filled all my requirements and feels just weighty enough that it's comfortable, but doesn't smother a sleeper! It is beautiful and doesn't spark. The border is tightly sewn, so it appears that it will wear extremely well. I also like that it was made in USA. The cost was rather higher than I usually spend, but this one is worth it.
Posted by Nancy on 3/19/14
Boy's blanket
We purchased the indigo/white twin blanket we purchased for our three-month-old grandson. We loved your store on our recent visit to Portland, and we learned that your products are made in the U.S. by real artisans. We love that the blanket is high quality and beautiful. I am impressed by the border on the blanket. Very pretty. Our daughter and her husband love this blanket, as well.
Posted by Kathy on 1/23/14
Fantastic Blanket
I purchased this in the white/indigo color and it is excellent. The color is great and the weight of the blanket is perfect.
Posted by Beth on 11/12/13
Luxury blanket...worth every penny!
I purchased a Brahm's Mount cotton blanket in green herringbone: ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! It is the most comfy thing...ever. I look forward to crawling into my bed each night to snuggle into it's yummy softness. It was an 'investment piece' for our bedroom, but was worth every penny: we'll have it and enjoy it forever.
Posted by Kelly Kaleta on 8/14/13
Amazing comfort! 2nd in a series
(continued from May 2). That night we made our beds with the blankets (we have two extra long adjustable twin beds). Instantly we were impressed by the extra width on the sides and length at the bottom - even on an extra long twin! At first, my husband was concerned that the blankets might be too hot since they are heavier than other cotton blankets. But he has never voiced that concern since, even after some warm nights. After having the blankets for over a month now, we are more than satisfied with them, and will recommend them highly!
Posted by Dr. Deborah on 6/14/13
Love it so far: 1st in a series
5/1/2013: The box finally came. With great anticipation, we opened the box and lifted out two beautiful woven blankets in the uncomparable shade of fuchsia - some might say "Plum". We careful unfolded each blanket from its vented plastic bag. We were immediately impressed with the weight and herringbone weave. Since we both have sensitive skin, I loaded each blanket into the washer, set it for a short cold wash on delicate as the enclosed directions instructed. I added the appropriate amount of Woolite, diluted with water, then started the washer. After completion, I transferred the blankets to the dryer, set it for a delicate cycle on medium heat. At the end of the cycle, I checked the blankets. They were still quite damp. I started the dryer again. After the second cycle, we took the blankets out and were very impressed with the softness of the fabric. We can't wait to sleep under them tonight. More to come . . .
Posted by Dr. Deborah Goetz on 5/2/13
I just purchased a herringbone blanket as a wedding gift for my niece. I have two of my own that I use all year round. It is just the right weigh and I never get over heated. They are beautiful.
Posted by Tui Stark on 1/15/13
Herringbone Blanket
Our second herringbone cotton blanket. Simply the best you can find. We've enjoyed our first for years and the second is just as wonderful. A great blanket and a very good value. Blankets that were twice the price or more just weren't as nice. We're hooked.
Posted by Bonnie on 12/15/12
herringbone cotton
This blanket is great, very comfortable! Wonderful to know beautiful hand made quality still exists!
Posted by Roz Akin on 9/30/12
Cotton Herringbone
Our new blanket is stunning! And feels so yummy. All of the grandchildren roll around on it when they come over because it is so inviting. We love the color and how it feels. I can't wait to get more products from you.
Thanks for still making your wonderful blankets!
Posted by Patt Moore on 8/19/12
amazing blanket
We live in a warm weather state and needed something lightweight. Our apple/white chevron blanket is perfect. It offers al the comfort and none of the heat. It so soft. The color is true to the picture as advertised. And we simply adore that it's all made in USA. Now I just hope it will last for a long time, because we fell in love with this product. Definitely planning on purchasing more products in the future. Also, great customer service, fast response, very helpful.
Posted by hana on 5/8/12
Perfect summer weight
I have a queen herringbone and it is the perfect summer weight blanket. Easy to wash and dry. Very durable. A dream purchase.
Posted by bev on 4/29/12

All Brahms Mount blankets and throws are pre-washed and pre-shrunk. While our products have the ease of home washing and drying, they are still made of natural fibers and should be cared for accordingly. Special attention is needed when drying.


Wash separately in cold water on a short, gentle cycle, with as much water as possible to allow for movement Avoid harsh detergents Use a liquid detergent without bleach or brighteners Always pre-dilute your detergent.


Careful drying is really important. Tumble dry on a delicate setting, low heat. Remove promptly. Do not overdry.

Brahms Mount keeps rolls of woven fabric on our shelves. An in stock product may not yet be finished and ready to ship. For this reason, all orders should be expected to ship within two weeks.

Modern comfort. Maine tradition.

Classic Textiles Since 1983