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Calendar Island Linen Blanket

Calendar Island Linen Blanket

Upholding its reputation as the most comfortable sleep experience, our flat, plain-weave linen blanket offers the classic good looks and comfort of pure linen. Cool on hot humid nights, warm and insulating in the winter, this heirloom-quality, antimicrobial layer develops more drape, character and softness over time.

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Starts at $425.00

Made in Maine, since 1983

Product Details
Made from 100% linen
Double hand-turned hem
Machine washable

All Brahms Mount textiles are prewashed and preshrunk
All Brahms Mount products are made in the USA

Twin 72” x 90”
Full 80” x 90”
Queen 90” x 90”
King 110” x 90”

Feel-Good Fibers
Sustainability is not a new idea at Brahms Mount. Natural fibers and earth-friendly practices were woven into the fabric of our company from day one. Every part of our process, from sourcing yarns to manufacturing products, involves making choices with minimal impact. We use colorfast, eco-friendly dyes to achieve our vibrant hues. We follow the safest possible methods to give our whites their characteristic brightness. Our natural fibers are just that – pure and undyed, with a clean, untreated finish. Feel-good fibers, in every sense.

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great blanket
Purchased one of these on sale a few years ago and absolutely love it! It is a fantastic weight on its own for warm summer nights and layers well in winter. It is also amazingly stain resistant- I have kids and pets and it always comes out of the wash looking fantastic. Two minor issues (not enough to remove any stars from the review)- it sheds quite a bit in the wash, even after all this time. Also, the weave is loose enough that it snags fairly easily. This would not be a problem if I didn't have a cat that likes to sleep on me :) Thankfully, the pulls can be worked back in without damaging the fabric, it just takes a little time and patience. All in all super pleased with the blanket and plan to use it until it completely falls apart (if that ever happens!)
Posted by Katharine on 8/27/19
Love the weight and airiness of this product. I have linen sheets as well and love the weight of them together too. No need to fight the covers from moving around so much. Very happy with this product.
The rich blue color is lovely.
Posted by Delta on 6/13/17
Linen flat weave blanket
This blanket is fabulous in feel and comfort.
Posted by Lois on 6/15/16
Great deal-It's irregular, so?
I've wanted a Brahm's Mount 100% linen Queen blanket for my full-sized bed forever but just couldn't manage the price of my obsession. I nabbed an irregular in the indigo color I wanted, and the size I wanted. The indigo is GLORIOUS. The irregularity is visible--a 4" wide band in the weaving about midway that involves marled not fully dyed yarn--but it's subtle; and frankly, if they'd offered this shadow stripe across an entire blanket, I'd have wanted that. I'll lay it stripe going across the bed and it'll be terrific. The weave is much more open than I imagined but that is the nature of the blanket, not an irregularity. I anticipate the linen softening with use and washing. The weave is beautiful, btw.
Posted by Melissa on 1/27/16
A very warm blanket
I recently purchased this linen blanket, in indigo (a rich shade of blue). I've found it to be incredibly warm. Cotton sheets tend to absorb the winter cold and stay cool, but this blanket never does, so it's doubly warm. And because of this, I use it as the first bedding layer—no sheet needed. It has a nice medium weight, and is simply lovely.
Posted by Nancy on 1/25/16
High Quality
I've always loved linen and knit with it frequently. While working on a small project of my own, I wanted to see how a large scale piece would translate. The product here demonstrates fine craftsmanship and respect for simple, elegant taste. I want to care for this blanket in such a way that it lasts well past my lifetime and is passed down to my daughters for their enjoyment.
Posted by CPM on 11/11/15
Go Natural
Beautiful natural fibres and colours...the height of simple and luxurious in one!
Posted by Janice on 8/17/15
Worth it
I finally purchased this blanket in king, when it went on sale, after having coveted one for a long time. Had I known how happy it would make me I would not have waited for the sale. I love it. The natural color is beautiful with white linen sheets.
Posted by Robin K on 6/15/15
My daughter will have a treasure even after this blanket has given pleasure to my life.
Posted by Susan Bingham Mickey on 1/13/15
Everyday Joy
The Brahms Mount Linen blanket really is a joy to use every day. The Indigo color is the most vibrant, deep blue.
Posted by Jonathan on 9/11/14
A luxury you use every day
Although I've only used the blanket for a month, I look forward to living with it for the next 10 years. It's a little luxury that's practical and beautiful. I love it!
Posted by Maura Colling on 6/5/14
Long Lasting Greatness
Five stars aren't enough! I've had two of these queen size blankets for over five years and they are still as wonderful as they were when they were new! Thank you for the great quality!
Posted by Pamela Miller on 5/6/13
Thank you
To be wrapped in this blanket is heaven. The linen is the most supurb quality. The weave is gorgeous. Truly a work of art.
Posted by Cat on 12/8/12
100% linen blanket
The high rating is mostly because of the intrinsic qualities in linen itself. Nature provides the raw materials for life. What the best manufacturers do like Brahms Mount is use the raw material without destroying the intrinsic qualities by bowing to fashion and trend. You can't improve on what nature provides. But you can cooperate with it as Brahms Mount does to create a natural product showing character and uniqueness that outshines everything else today and long into the future.

What I would really like is a quilt or comforter made with linen fabric, batting and thread! Any suggestions?
Posted by Cook Island Ministries on 10/1/12
Linen Blanket Review
As always, we are NEVER disappointed by our Brahm's Mount products. T
Posted by MFH on 6/19/12
Linen Blanket
It is absolutely my favorite blanket! Stylish,chic and comfortable.
Posted by Lena P. on 6/18/12
Lightweight and so comfortable--a favorite!
Posted by Jeanne Dille on 6/17/12
creature comfort
indulgent and absolutely worth it.
both comfortable and beautiful.
Posted by brian on 6/17/12

All Brahms Mount blankets and throws are pre-washed and pre-shrunk. While our products have the ease of home washing and drying, they are still made of natural fibers and should be cared for accordingly.


  • Wash separately in cold water on a short, gentle cycle, with as much water as possible to allow for movement
  • Avoid harsh detergents
  • Use a liquid detergent without bleach or brighteners
  • Always pre-dilute your detergent


  • Tumble dry on delicate setting, low or no heat. Linen will become brittle if it is dried at a high heat temperature or for an extended period. When the fabric rubs on itself in a “dry” condition, it will abrade and show fiber on the surface.
  • Tumbling keeps a soft drape.
  • You can line dry, but the fabric will be stiff initially
  • It is better to remove the product slightly damp from the dryer than to “bake and break” the fibers. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight over long periods

Brahms Mount keeps rolls of woven fabric on our shelves. An in stock product may not yet be finished and ready to ship. For this reason, all orders should be expected to ship within two weeks.


Modern comfort. Maine tradition.

Classic Textiles Since 1983