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Linen towels made in the USA by Brahms Mount

Linen Bath and Kitchen Towels

Only Coral Colorblock Discontinued

Elevate the everyday. Treat yourself to the incomparably smooth hand, durability and super-absorbency of our pure linen bath and kitchen towels. With a rich, untreated finish that develops more character and softness over time, these classic flat-weave (and leno stripe) linen towels drape smoothly and feel as luxurious as they look. Naturally antimicrobial with a fibrous scent and hand. Double hand-turned hems on all four sides. Machine-washable.

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Regular Price: $65.00

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Made in Maine, since 1983


Bath Sheet 36” x 60”

Bath Towel 30” x 54”

Kitchen / Hand New 17” x 28”

Washcloth 13” x 16”

Sets of 3: Sets now include Bath Sheet, Kitchen/Hand Towel and a Washcloth. Solid pearl washcloth is shipped to complete the set for all 'colorblock' styles as well as the pearl leno stripe towel set. Solid natural linen washcloth is shipped to complete the set of natural leno stripe towels.

Sets of 4: Includes Bath Sheet, Bath Towel, Kitchen/Hand Towel and a washcloth.

Hemmed Finish: Towels are now finished with a double hand turned hem on all four sides. 

Linen Bath Towels Vs. Bath Sheets What's the Difference? From the Brahms Mount Blog 

All Brahms Mount products are prewashed and preshrunk.

Feel-Good Fibers

Sustainability is not a new idea at Brahms Mount. Natural fibers and earth-friendly practices were woven into the fabric of our company from day one. Every part of our process, from sourcing yarns to manufacturing products, involves making choices with minimal impact. We use colorfast dyes to achieve our vibrant hues. We follow the safest possible methods to give our whites their characteristic brightness. Our natural, undyed fibers are just that – pure and undyed, with a clean, untreated finish. Feel-good fibers, in every sense.

Linen is fast drying and highly suitable for line-drying. Line drying is quick and crisp compared to the matted mess of a line-dried terry towel.

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Lovely guest towels
I am using my new towels in the guest bath. They have a beautiful hand and wash wonderfully. I love them. This is going to be my new normal for a guest towel.
Posted by Ann on 3/12/18
Great Quality!
Brahms Mount Linen towels arrived in great shape. Extremely pleased with the quality of Brahms Mount Linen towels. All our cotton towels have now been replaced with these everyday luxuries.
Posted by Jim on 12/1/17
linen border stripe bath towel
It's a towel, it's a summer throw blanket, it's BEAUTIFUL!
Posted by carter on 7/31/17
My new favorite- your linen towels!
A luxurious, stunningly beautiful towel. Simple elegance at its finest!
Posted by Lynn on 7/11/17
Bought this for my Husband and he LOVES LOVES LOVES it.
The only type of towel we will ever use....
Go for it....treat your self!
Posted by Delta on 6/13/17
Towel Heaven
These towels are absolutely the best. The weight is excellent, they dry the body then they fast dry. No damp smell . Treat yourself, you deserve it.
Posted by Bonnie Tracy on 5/16/17
Awesome Towel
I love the fact it is made in the USA. It is the ultimate high quality towel. I like the coral and cream combination because it makes me feel I am in a Maine cabin along a beach. This is my 2nd bath sheet and I won't go back to anything else.
Posted by Betsy on 10/5/16
highest quality linen
I really like the size of this linen head towel and like other reviewers, I wish that Brahms Mount would reissue the size. We have several sets of linen towels from Brahms Mount and could not be more pleased with the quality.
Posted by Jean C. on 10/5/16
THE towel
I have had the bath towel -solid pearl for over 6 months. It took a while (feels like a long time when its the only towel im using) for it to get soft inbetween using it and washing. I have used it in the dryer on high heat but I dont let it completely dry. Only once did i leave it in the dryer for too long and it smelled like burnt, but thankfully it hardly did any damage. However, it does not need to be in the dryer bec it dries super fast! Faster than our cotton towels. I absolutely am satisfied. I have 1 bath towel and I would like to get more, but yes they are super pricey. I reccomend this item, even if you are trying it for the first time. Its a different feel than, its not soft as in cushion-y as your regular cotton towels. However, it wicks the water from my body a lot faster so I can get dry quickly and the turnaround time for the towel to dry is fast so I can use it again later on in the day if I need to.
Posted by Camy on 7/16/16
Linen bath towel
Really nice. Design would be improved with the addition of a loop for hanging. My plan was to hang it on the back of the bathroom door . Show it off since it's so pretty.
Posted by Toni on 6/15/16
Linen Towels are the Best!
This is my sixth set of Brahms Mount bath towels with the bath sheet. They dry quickly, feel wonderful, and last forever. We don't use cotton towels any more. I have two requests, though. Please bring back the Head Towel, which is a much more generous size that the towel in the current set. And please consider offering a nice dark green again. I really need that color!
Posted by Ellen Deffenbaugh on 6/14/16
i'm in love....with my towels!
The linen bath sheet towels are THE BEST! Lovely to look at, feel wonderful, dry quickly....we're making a trip in the fall to Maine, and I'm making sure we get to the store!!!
Posted by steph on 3/16/16
Can't live without...
...Brahms Mount linen towels. They are the best. I am a 100% convert to 100% Linen towels.
Posted by Dody Dorn on 2/9/16
bath sheet
I've bee eyeing these for a few years. Sorry I waited so long to purchase. I'll never use another. Fabulous!
Posted by jkm on 1/26/16
Love my Natural Bath sheet
A wonderful additional to my linen collection. Nothing beats natural linen. As another review pointed out, this bath sheet indeed doubles as a small throw/blanket. Pure luxury!
Posted by Lana on 1/26/16
Superb coral striped bath sheet
I had a linen blanket made in Finland which finally became too thin to use so I googled linen towels and Brahms Mount came up. I am so glad it did. I just regret that on our last 2 trips to Freeport MA I missed their shop. The towel is super absorbent. I love the large size. And the coral color is so soft and welcoming. Great product!!!
Posted by Betsy on 1/25/16
Wonderful Towel...or Blanket!
I love this...blanket! I bought it to use as a towel but found it works great as a small blanket! It is a work of art, in its weave, colors, and texture. It has a substantial weight and soft, rustic feel. What a dream! Thank you!
Posted by Nancy on 11/15/15
Remarkable quality
We love our new bath towels. Very thick and substantial for linen. There is a certain rustic poetry to them for the eye and the skin we appreciate every time.
Posted by David L on 9/19/15
Pearl is so classy
I've been hooked on Brahms Mount linen towels for years. They are absorbent, dry quickly and...bonus...beautiful! The pearl with leno stripe is my new beautiful and understated. The bath sheets in this color were my latest purchase and I love them!!
Posted by Suzanne on 7/17/15
Linen Kitchen Towel
The Linen Kitchen Towels look so elegant hanging in our kitchen. They remain odorless, highly absorbent, and non-shedding. This luxurious linen towel has a beautiful "old world" weave and a nice thick texture. Now, we are saving up to purchase linen bath towels.
Posted by Patricia on 6/15/15
Awesome towel
I gave my wife this towel, and she loves it. It replaced one that was a decade old, at least. These towels are well made and soften up with each use. These towels would be a lovely addition to any bathroom, just on looks alone if not for also the utilitarianism of them.
Posted by Doug H. on 6/15/15
Linen Bath Sheet
Made to last forever. Expensive, but you are worth it, just buy one, splurge on you yourself, you will never regret it. Inspires me to want to put a pool in the back yard ! They dry super fast. Makes me feel rich, and I am not, just rich with good taste for quality, and to treat myself just right.
Posted by Terry M on 6/15/15
Bath sheet
Pure luxury! I wrap myself up an walk around the house. Highly absorbent and feels so good. The more it's used the better it gets!
Posted by Tareq on 5/25/15
Big lovely linen towels
I love these towels. Well made, great color. No odor after many uses. Love the feel of these towels. I have ordered a few items from Brahms Mount and love them all! I do not share these towels with my husband!
Posted by gayle on 5/23/15
Leno stripe Pearl hand towel
I looked at the new color and design towel choices many times before deciding what to order. I liked the size of the Leno stripe on the hand towel and preferred the delicate Pearl color. It really is exactly what I thought it would be. Very pure and lovely- looking, pretty and lacy, feminine, but still natural. The Leno stripe really gives it a different look from the plain weaving. I got the hand towel to use half for washing my face, keeping the other half dry for drying it. One piece to do both parts. The Leno stripe can be used for extra texture for mild defoliation.
Posted by Pat on 3/2/15
Love the washcloth
After purchasing the bath sheet and kitchen towel, I decided to get the wash cloth which seemed expensive by comparison given the small size. I got the wide light blue and white stripes. This new choice definitely influenced my purchase. I waited a long time for the new colors to be available. Expensive though it was, I use this Brahms Mount item the most of all of them. I use it every day. I love the colors, the wide stripes, and, of course, the usual texture and feel. The appearance of it to me is both pleasant and cheerful. I am very happy to have it, especially for the ritual of face- washing.
Posted by Pat on 3/2/15
Depends on function
I wanted to love these towels, but did not. Actually, it's a great dish towel (4.5 stars) but it didn't work for me as a bath towel. Perhaps as a pool towel or for use in the summer, but in the winter it was too lightweight and not the cozy towel I need after a shower. Looks pretty though! And definitely well-made.
Posted by Kelley on 1/13/15
Best towel ever
Quite simply, a perfect towel. I no longer use any other brand.
Posted by Coco on 6/5/14
Best Towels I've Ever Used
I received the large and kitchen towels a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love them. The large body towels are nice and big, so I can fully wrap them around myself. The fabric feels so nice and the towel is incredibly well-made. No doubt these will be with me for a long time to come.
Posted by Dude on 2/7/14
Now This is A Kitchen Towel
I was on a quest to buy a new kitchen towel to replace a beloved old one. Along the way, I believed the claims about other linen and cotton towels only to find myself with towels which were too thin or to bath towel like. Luckily, I found BrahmsMount and now my quest is complete. These towels are a wonderful size, perfect weight, absorbent when needed, and quick drying between uses. We loved our first one so much that we bought a second one and two bath towels :) Thank you BrahmsMount craftspeople for providing simple daily reminders that great American craftsmanship may cost a bit more upfront, but the return on investment is where the value lies.
Posted by Julie Hussey on 1/27/14
ultimate kitchen towel
My new kitchen towel in natural/red stripe is my absolute favorite.
I've had other linen towels, but this one has a lovely, thick, substantial weave that is unique. So much better in my opinion than the thinner weave European linen. And I love that it's made in Maine! Looking forward to expanding my collection.
Posted by Bettina on 11/12/13
Our New Bath Towels
I simply love my new linen bath towel and hand towel. My husband thinks he prefers his old 100% Cotton spa towels but I am working on getting him to give them a bit more time. He is 6'5" but feels the bath towel is too large--I believe because it is hard for him to fold and hang on the towel rack. Did you ever consider a strong hanging corner on them, so they could be hooked onto a bar hook? He also complained they were too stiff and were not very absorbent. I had only laundered them once, and they were a bit stiff in comparison to the fluffy towels he was accustomed to. As I said, I have asked him to give them another try and I am gently reinforcing this request by using mine and commenting on how much I love it. So hold my assessment and let me get back to you in about 3 months. It takes a bit of time to change the bathing habits of a 76 year old husband.

Barbara McCoy
Posted by Barbara McCoy on 7/15/13
Great Towels
I was searching for bamboo towel & linen towels. No doubt that Brahms Mount’s 100% Linen Towels is just awesome, but do Brahms Mount have bamboo towels?
Posted by Harshada on 6/3/13
Best towels ever
Like many other reviews, I too searched the world for the best linen towels, and finally bought Brahms Mount. Yes, they're pricey but well worth it. Now I look at all the other, cheaper but thinner towels, and think of how much time and $ spent...Never again!
Posted by Andrea on 5/8/13
Ultra thick and luxurious
I've recently discovered linen towels. I purchased one from many companies to compare and this one stands alone. I regret purchasing all the others, some that were a third the price. You get what you pay for with this one. These are at least three times thicker and the size of the body towel is very generous. The weave is beautiful. It's silly, but I smile every time I look at it. Wish I could wear it all day. You won't regret your purchase.
Posted by Heidi on 2/19/13
I am in LUV
with these towels! I started with the bath towel and have progressed to the hair towel and dish towel. It is a delightful experience everyday when I step out of the shower. They are so soft and absorbent. I house/cat sat for my boss for a couple of weeks over Christmas and had to bring my own towel because their (very nice) cotton towels just did not cut it.
Posted by Terrell Bond on 1/21/13
The BEST Towels!
We just love the bath towels. They dry you off really well and then the towel dries very quickly. When I took my 15 yr old son's towel on laundry day and replaced it with a cotton towel, he complained and asked why I didn't buy more towels because the linen towel is his favorite and way more absorbent than the cotton towel. We will be back to buy more, and to check out the Freeport store!
Posted by Sherry on 1/15/13
Bath towel sets
I bought these linen towels a few years ago, they have lasted so well..... and ,yes, they really do become softer with age. Each year I add to them when the Mother's Day sale is on! I no longer purchase towels from any other company. Top quality products, love the colour combinations.
Posted by Shelly on 11/7/12
Love these towels!!
There are less pricey linen towels out there but they do not touch the quality of these. They are a little thicker and softer than any others I've found. They absorb well, dry fast and don't take up any room in the closet. I'm a fan for life.
Posted by Suzanne on 10/30/12
great multipurpose towels!
I purchased 2 bath towels on clearance and I am quite pleased. They absorb water very well and dry fast. Best of all, they are large enough work as throws and travel blankets. My 3 year old recently started sleeping with one and it is now her bedtime blanket of choice. It is a wonderful size for her- bigger than her old crib blankets, but small enough to comfortably fit her toddler bed. She loves it so much I will probably have to buy her a larger day blanket in a few years!
Posted by Katherine on 9/30/12
I am in LUV
I first used Brahms Mount's linen towels at my sister's house and fell in LUV. I will never buy any other type of towel. It's like flying first class, once you do, you can't go back to coach.
Posted by Terrell Bond on 6/21/12
Stitched Edging
Head towel:
Great size option if one does not need the 60\" length of the bath towel. It does resemble and feel like a burlap bag. I do hope the stitched edging holds up. I needed to add a loop at one corner for hanging from a hook. We are still getting use to the coarseness of the Brahms Mount Linen compared to our soft twenty year old French linen towels, now frayed and threadbare.
Posted by Carol Pierce on 6/18/12
These towels are very absorbent and dry quickly. The large size is great for my very tall husband; I would love to see a smaller bath towel also, for kids and smaller adults. The blue and white stripe color pattern is a classic; I would definitely buy these again!
Posted by Claire Bobrow on 6/18/12
Towels are amazing
I really love these towels.
They feel so good against my body. Towels wear really well and look new even after a bunch of washes. These towels turn a regular bath into a really special experience.
Posted by Victoria Seewaldt on 6/17/12
I love the linen-ness on the towel, but wish it had a little heavier hand- more tightly woven, or tufted, or doubled?
Posted by Patricia on 5/8/12
The best towels
These are the best towels I have ever owned. They are generously sized, absorbent, and they look great. The best thing - they are made in Maine! I am so happy to buy a great product that is made in the U.S. I'm done buying other towels, these are the best!
Posted by Heather on 4/30/12
beautiful towels
i never loved a towel until i bought one of these linen towels! they are absorbent, light, dry fast and are just beautiful.
i've taken them on camping trips because they dry so fast. and even used them at night as extra blanket layers, when it turned out to be colder than we were prepared for.
a bonus has been the compliments on how nice they are!
i buy one body towel and one hand towel each year, going on year 3. one day i'll have replaced all other towels...
Posted by franny on 4/29/12

All Brahms Mount towels are pre-washed and pre-shrunk. While our products have the ease of home washing and drying, they are still made of natural fibers and should be cared for accordingly.


  • Wash separately in cold water on a short, gentle cycle, with as much water as possible to allow for movement
  • Avoid harsh detergents
  • Use a liquid detergent without bleach or brighteners
  • Always pre-dilute your detergent


  • Tumble dry on delicate setting, low or no heat. Linen will become brittle if it is dried at a high heat temperature or for an extended period. When the fabric rubs on itself in a “dry” condition, it will abrade and show fiber on the surface.
  • Tumbling keeps a soft drape.
  • You can line dry, but the fabric will be stiff initially
  • It is better to remove the product slightly damp from the dryer than to “bake and break” the fibers. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight over long periods

Brahms Mount keeps rolls of woven fabric on our shelves. An in stock product may not yet be finished and ready to ship. For this reason, all orders should be expected to ship within two weeks.


Modern comfort. Maine tradition.

Classic Textiles Since 1983